Carlos Mayoral – Key Account Manager, South America



Please describe your role at Contamac:

As the Key Account Manager for Latin America, my responsibility is to look after my customers with their needs, whether in material, professional services or technical support.

What is your professional history?

After finishing my studies in business and marketing at Getulio Vargas University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I came to England. Here I had my own Mediterranean food import business and then decided to enter the business world with Kodak and then later with Contamac, where I have been for the last 12 years.

What do you enjoy most about working at Contamac and our industry?

At first glance, our industry might seem a bit boring! After all, we are just manufacturing plastic blanks! But when you begin to see the complexity, not only in the manufacturing of a special polymer but also the knowledge that you have to obtain to better understand that industry, there is always a lot to learn: From eye health to the manufacturing of speciality lenses on lathes, co-branding and sales strategies. There’s always a lot to learn! Having relationships with other cultures and understanding how they work is also a great challenge, which is only possible with direct contacts and many trips, which I love! And there is no better place to travel than in Latin America!

Can you tell us about some of the projects you have been working on?

Co-branding is a very important part, both for Contamac and for our clients. So I am always in touch with my customers to find the best solutions for their needs to add value to their designs. With the launch of Optimum Infinite 180 Dk and Unisil Silicone Hydrogel this year, this co-branding work has been even more evident.

Amigos da Lente is a project that has already been in development in Brazil with a hospital in Sao Paulo for more than a year and is very rewarding because it helps the most disadvantaged population to obtain special contact lenses free of charge that otherwise would be impossible to get.

Class Workshops, a sub-product of Class Symposium, was extremely successful in Uruguay and we have already programmed others in several Latin American countries. Class Workshops create the platform for our customers to showcase their designs, giving hands-on education at a low cost.

And of course, the organization of Class Symposium 2019 in Argentina drove me crazy! 

Class 2019 has just finished, was it a success?

I can certainly say that Class 2019 was above anyone’s expectations, beginning with mine! It was a huge leap from the first one.

Attendees feedback during the 3 day event telling us that they never ever had such high-quality educational event of speciality contact lens in Argentina, that they never saw such a spectrum of companies involved, even in other congresses in Latin America, and also praising the variety of workshops was touching, to say the least, as they were very grateful that the event was chosen to be held in Argentina. 

Sponsors feedback were also very good and positive and apparently, networking was second to none. Many already are very excited to participate and sponsor the next one! 

We had 678 participants from 27 different countries. Considering the economic and political situation at present in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia – countries that would bring the majority of participants – we were very pleased with the attendance. They were very eager to learn and absorb everything that was going on, with the traditional Latin passion!

What were some of the highlights of Class 2019?

There were too many to mention! 

As a conference with speakers of a high level and standard, a variety of companies in the exhibition hall and also 40 workshops with all the latest designs and technology, Class 2019 attracted huge interest and participation. 

If I can summarise in a few words, it would be “the best networking opportunity for the industry” not only for companies and exhibitors but for professionals to meet their peers and exchange their knowledge of visual health.

Educationally, Class was a step in the right direction and the new slogan for Class, Educar para el Futuro (Educate for the Future) made even more sense. We, as an industry need to make our utmost to bring education to those who don’t have much accessibility. Simultaneous translation to Spanish, affordable entrance prices and variety of exhibitors and workshops is definitely the winning formula to keep Class growing strong. But let’s not forget the human side!  Congresses in Latin America are also fun, people are kind, eager to learn, grateful and like to welcome and make you feel at home. It is a phenomenal personal experience.

I am looking forward to Class 2020 Colombia! The venue will be decided shortly and should be announced at GSLS in Las Vegas. Adelante!

If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?

A telescope to see the stars at night and Lola, my dog, to keep me company.