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CI25 is a hydrophilic IOL material that is supplied in the dry state in the form of a blank.

CI25 offers a reduced modulus and improved folding characteristics while retaining a controlled unfolding rate. When combined with suitable lens designs, smaller incision sizes are possible.

Engineered to high dimensional tolerance, the CI25 blanks are suitable for modern CNC lathing and milling equipment. The lens and optical surface must be lathed from the blank in the dry state. Once machined, the lens must be hydrated to attain its final properties and have a nominal water content of 25%. CI25 is recommended for heat sterilisation by autoclave.

Manufactured using Contamac’s unique production technology ensures the material properties are consistent for repeatable and predictable results.

CI25 Technical Data

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Contamac’s IOL range encompasses a selection of hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials. They include both moulded and lathe-cut options, featuring a blend of purified monomers, combining consistency with state-of-the-art quality standards.