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Optimum Infinite is a hyper DK gas permeable material with a unique combination of oxygen permeability and resistance to flexure. Featuring 180 Dk with a flexural modulus of 1341 MPa, it defies the high Dk/low flexural modulus convention.

This breakthrough was motivated by the requirements raised for a dedicated scleral material at several laboratory panel and Key Opinion Leader meetings. Modalities such as sclerals and ortho-k have been propelled into the forefront of practitioners’ attention in recent years. As their popularity has grown, research has identified the need for a material providing a combination of hyper oxygen permeability [1] and a high resistance to flexure.

Optimum Infinite is FDA-cleared for a broad range of indications.

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Gas Permeable

Contamac’s gas permeable (GP) materials offer a wide range of properties suitable for all modalities. Developed using cutting-edge technologies. Our GP materials provide excellent wettability and high stability, while featuring a wide range of oxygen permeabilities.

Purpose Made Hyper Dk Material That Breaks With Tradition

Optimum Infinite’s development was guided by the expertise of key industry leaders and speciality contact lens manufacturers requesting a contact lens material purpose-made for modern modalities. Offering hyper oxygen permeability (180 Dk) without impacting on flexure, it also provides excellent wettability and is durable during lens handling and wear.

Optimum Infinite is well suited to meet the oxygen transmissibility requirements for scleral lenses set out in peer reviewed research [1]

Pioneering research and industry support allowed Contamac’s R&D chemists to re-write the rules on Hyper Dk materials.

Supports corneal health with hyper oxygen permeability (180 Dk)

Tailored modulus to reduce flexure in modern modalities

Inherently wettable to support lens wear