Scleral Lens Management of Soft Contact Lens Induced Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency

03rd November 2023

Introduction Limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD) results in dysfunction and/or loss of the stem cells in the basal limbal area. These cells are responsible for maintaining and replenishing the corneal epithelium. This change in corneal tissue composition results in conjunctival epithelial ingrowth, persistent epithelial defects, chronic inflammation, and neovascularization.1,5 There...

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Putting the Latest Soft Contact Lens Research to Practice

27th October 2023

Introduction In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic wrought significant havoc on our healthcare system and daily lives. The implementation of public health measures, aimed at safeguarding the population, reshaped our professional landscape. We witnessed a surge in demand for contact lens fittings, coinciding with the return of our regular wearers...

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Avoiding a Corneal Transplant in a Young Patient

23rd June 2023

Background Corneal opacity is the fifth leading cause of blindness worldwide¹. A common cause of corneal opacity is infectious keratitis. In developed countries, contact lenses are the leading cause of infectious keratitis while in developing countries it is from corneal trauma during agriculture work¹. The most common organism responsible...

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Not a Steep Learning Curve

23rd June 2023

Introduction This lens fit appears like a complex case, with at least three different factors playing a role. But by ‘simply’ applying a basic set of rules, this case report shows what a difference an Eye Care Professional (ECP) can make in people’s lives. First, by assessing whether an...

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Stage 1 Keratoconus: Great Visual Acuity with Custom Soft Contact Lens

27th April 2023

Introduction Traditionally, gas permeable, scleral and even hybrid contact lenses are recommended for patients with keratoconus or other diseases that cause irregularity of the cornea, as they can effectively correct the significant levels of astigmatism through neutralization by the tear film. However, there is evidence to support the use...

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Using a Customized Soft Lens

28th February 2023

Introduction The vast majority of the lenses we fit in contact lens practice are soft lenses. The amount of attention that goes into ‘fitting’ soft lenses is limited in contrast to the focus on scleral lens fitting, corneal lens fitting, and orthokeratology, for instance. This case shows how taking...

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The Changing Face of Contact Lens Fitting

30th November 2022

In the October 2022 edition of Contact Lens Spectrum, Ed Bennett’s report on the GP and Custom Soft Annual Report 2022 provided a comprehensive insight into the prescribing habits of top US practitioners. Scanning the list of subscribers, they are mainly Key Opinion Leaders and researchers, so this may not necessarily...

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The Soft Lens Dropout Patient – Part 1

17th August 2022

Could a “Soft Lens Dropout” be a potential patient for the Speciality Lens Practitioner? Patient dropout and the reasons for it have long since been a subject of discussion within both the contact lens industry and profession. Speciality lens manufacturers normally supply lenses for patients who are perhaps more...

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Acanthamoeba Keratitis and the Holiday Season

23rd May 2022

Acanthamoeba Keratitis is, thankfully, an extremely rare infection that, in the developed world, is predominantly found in contact lens wearers¹. Symptoms include: Eye pain and sensitivity to light that may seem disproportionate to that of a “normal” eye infection Eye redness Blurred vision Sensation of something in the eye...

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Comfortable Customizing

23rd March 2022

Never a dull moment in our industry. Although this past period will surely be remembered as ‘the COVID era’, there are so many new and exciting developments going on that maybe in the future, all of these technological advances may outweigh the negative vibes of COVID for our industry....

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