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Contamac is the only manufacturer to offer the full range of contact lens and intraocular lens materials and is unique in its ability to produce both in the same environment – a clear measure of our high quality standards. Both factors are the natural product of more than three decades’ experience, a track record of constant innovation and a dedication to customer service.

Gas Permeable

Contamac’s Gas Permeable (GP) materials are trusted globally by manufacturers and eye care practitioners across all lens modalities. Providing an excellent balance of properties and a range of oxygen permeabilities, there is a Contamac GP material to suit your requirements.

Silicone Hydrogel

Our silicone hydrogel materials have combined the benefits of soft lens materials with increased oxygen permeability to ensure outstanding levels of on-eye comfort and improve corneal health.


Our hydrophilic materials include a range of water contents from 38% to 77% supporting all modalities of custom soft lenses. Our hydrophilic materials also include a range of glycerol methacrylate (GMA) based materials for enhanced on eye performance.


Contamac’s intraocular (IOL) range encompasses a selection of hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials. They include both moulded and lathe-cut options, featuring a blend of purified monomers, combining consistency with state-of-the-art quality standards.


Contamac also provides a hand-picked range of accessories and consumables that complement our products and help with lens manufacturing and aftercare.


Contamac Solutions provides a range of solutions designed to support speciality contact lens wear and ocular health. Developed to provide improvements for specific eye concerns, our FDA-cleared solutions are currently available for sale in the USA only.