Gas Permeable

Contamac’s gas permeable (GP) materials offer the widest range of properties available in the GP market. Developed using cutting-edge technologies, Contamac gas permeables feature the lowest wetting angles available and exceptional levels of oxygen permeability, together producing the ultimate in on-eye comfort. 


The lowest wetting angles available and exceptionally high oxygen permeability – that’s what sets our Optimum range of gas permeable (GP) materials apart from the competition. 


Optimum LD

When it comes to large diameter designs, most lathing time is spent on the back surface roughing process. Optimum LD (Large Diameter) materials reduce cycle time and wear and tear, thereby increasing profits.


Optimum | Tangible Hydra-PEG

Tangible Hydra-PEGTM is an advanced contact lens coating technology that encapsulates Contamac’s Optimum GP material in an ultra-thin layer of PEG-based polymer. The result is called Optimum | Tangible Hydra-PEGTM.



Contamac’s basic F2 GP range uses fluorosilicone acrylate to improve wettability and deposit resistance.